The Experiment

Life is an experiment, just live it! Dave and his friends talk life.

The Experiment #58: “Don’t Call Me Baby Face” with Rene Diaz!

April 9th, 2019

Dave is joined by comedy newbie, Rene Diaz on this episode. Although, Rene's been on the scene just a short time he's making big strides. Dave and Rene talk, comedy, shows they've been on, coming up with material and arguing with their spouses. Tune in as Rene breaks his podcast cherry!

The Experiment #57: “The Dilemma”

April 1st, 2019

Dave updates us on what he's been up to. Shoutouts/mentions for Esai Nunez, Freddy Correa, Chabo 101, Rene Diaz, Eli Perez, Juan Villareal, Steven "The Diva" Padilla and Michael Sanchez.

Dave explains his "Dilemma" of doing comedy without using, dirty or adult material. His wife and fellow Compadres think he should leave it out. They feel he could be a better comic. Find out what he decides to do.

The Experiment #56: “Never Wear Pink Pants To A Fistfight!” with Nick Bermea

January 8th, 2019

Young comedian Nick Bermea joins Dave on this episode. A true renaissance man, Nick discusses life, the arts, fashion and fisticuffs. Tune in and be entertained!

The Experiment #55: “There’s Nothing Sadder Than A Depressed Vagina!”

July 31st, 2018

Dave and Esai give shoutouts. Then they discuss Kiss's hit from the 70's "Christine Sixteen" and what kind of social stir it would cause today, best band frontmen of all times and more music talk. Esai shares his ideas on the government creating diseases for population control, feminism and clearing his mind. Dave, covers an online article on the "Depressed Vagina." Tune in for all the topics and other nonsense.

The Experiment #54: “Me and My Vato!”

July 24th, 2018

Dave and Esai are back this week to discuss "Eskimo Brothers", drinking, embarrassing moments and random questions. Downloads are up 20% since Esai came onboard. Dave drops a new joke premise, talks about his new (first) tattoo and they still don't have a sponsor. Esai talks about his new found interest in boobs. And much much more! Please excuse the audio, Dave was having issues with his mic but he still sounds awesome. Check us out, rate and review the show on iTunes and happy listening.

The Experiment #53: “I Like My Beer Dressed and My Women Undressed”

July 17th, 2018

This week Dave and Esai discuss the results of the personality test they took on, they're the same personality, Debaters. Is anyone really surprised? Dave's boxer Lucas gets neutered and of course the story of that event is shared. The guys talk about therapy and their thoughts on it. Most people would agree both need it! Comedy talk comes up, writer's block, cutting the fat from a joke and working on things at an open mic. Other stuff touched on was funny twitter accounts, gnarley sex videos, shit talk, beer and other podcasts. This episode was sponsored by no one. Don't forget to rate and review in iTunes. Please!

The Experiment #52 - “She Smelled Like Tacos!”

July 6th, 2018

Che, aka Esai, stops by to record with Dave.This episode they talk about Che's prolific sex career from high school to the present. Che also shares the time he ended the night in a downtown hotel with two chicks that smelled like tacos. Dave went to an open mic this week. Other topics discussed were comedy credibility, promoting shows and running the business.

The Experiment #51 - “They Don’t Think I’m Funny!”

June 20th, 2018

Dave interviews his wife and three boys in this groundbreaking "mockcast" (mock podcast) to discuss the reasons they don't think he's funny. As an aspiring comedian, Dave seeks his family's support and approval. Tune in for their comments, criticism and feedback. You won't want to miss this. Enjoy!

The Experiment #50 - “I Could Have Done Without That One!”

June 13th, 2018

In honor of Father's Day, Dave shares one of his favorite jokes he wrote recently, "I Could Have Done Without That One!" In it he references his two sons that he says he could do without. Dave discusses the ideas behind it and how he came to write it. He also shares his thoughts on parenting four boys and what it's like to be a Dad to them.

The Experiment #49 - “The Relaunch!”

June 6th, 2018

After a six month hiatus,and inspired by Freddy Correa's latest episodes from his "Thanks For The Invite" podcast, Dave's back! And he's taking it to another level. Dave's shortened the name of his podcast and created a new logo. Feeling energized, he talks about what been going on with him since his last episode. He also gives thanks to those that have helped him along the way as he tries to figure out this comedy thing. Give it a listen.

Tha Davedog Experiment #48 - Rock and Roll Meets Comedy with Patrick Eady

December 9th, 2017

Guest and fellow local comic Patrick Eady joins Che and me to discuss our thoughts and ideas on comedy, rock music and where we're headed. Enjoy!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #41: Please Rise or Kneel…I Don’t Really Care!

October 4th, 2017

The Fusion of Entertainmnet and Enlightenment... The guys hit on kneeling during the National Anthem. A new segment "Life in the Fast Lane, What's Lains Addiction" makes its debut. Jay-Kay debuts her new single. The show tries to end on a serious note but it doesn't quite come out that way. 'Merica, F Yeah!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #40: “Hurricane Harvey…It’s a CAT-Tastrophy!”

September 12th, 2017

DJ Tommy and sidekick Lain are back with more hijinks. Tunre in for their post Hurrican Harvey show!

Tha Davedog Experiment #47 - Freddy Correa, Talks Comedy “Growing Pains”

August 8th, 2017

Dave and Che welcome Freddy Correa their comedy mentor. We owe a lot to Freddy since he has always supported and encouraged us to move forward with comedy. Topics for tonights episode include, bombing, introducing new material, hack material, stage confidence and so much more.

Tha Davedog Experiment #46 - Comedy Talk

July 9th, 2017

Dave and Che talk comedy. It's been three months since they started comedy so they talk about what they've been up to. Dave's wife joins them and they talk about the comedy contest Dave and Che entered, goals and expectations. Tune in!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #39: Epic, Beyond Proportion…Controlled Chaos!

June 14th, 2017

On this show Tommy and Lain are joined bt Aleks WithaK. They discovered a "Rap Battle" between Canadian artist J-Kay and an American guy. They do a phone interview with J-Kay and well... Also, Jaime Martinez of Latin Lingo talks about his future events/shows. Listen in as Tommy tries to keep the train on the track!

Tha Davedog Experiment #45 - Comedian/Promoter Marcie Larios

May 29th, 2017

Born and raised in Magnolia, Marcie Larios went to Franklin, Edison, and Eastwood High. She was super shy up until her late teen years, even too shy to say hi. It's hard for many to believe that she starting to take the stage again and knowing that as shy as she was what could she possibly have to say now about life today. A lot, from being raised by her parents and grandma to having grandma habits herself and taking a job in Iraq from 2007 to 2011. Raised an only child she has seen and heard a lot, and now is ready to release it to the world.

Tonigh we talk comedy influences, supporters, styles and what makes us tick. Give it a lsiten and enjoy!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #38: “A Tribute to Chris Cornell and Kriss Kross”

May 23rd, 2017

As fans of music and especially "Rock", Tommy and Lain pay tribute to Chris Cornell. They keep it 100 and lit "AF" and they stay woke as the show goes on. Tune in and enjoy!

Tha Davedog Experiment #44 - “Manboobs and Manbuns”

April 18th, 2017

Aleks WithaK and The Victoria, hosts of the Beans and Crackers Podcast, join Dave on this episode. They talk about their move to San Antonio, the comedy scene, Aleks as a webcam model and upcoming shows. Tune in!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #37: You A Have The Face For Radio

April 13th, 2017

He's back! Tommy gives a tribute to his mom, tries his stand up routine with a live studio audience and caps off the show with his rendition of The Easter Story... well, as he sees it. Enjoy!

Tha Davedog Experiment #43 - “Open Mouth, Insert Foot!”

April 6th, 2017

Dave visits San Antonio and podcasts with local comedians Willy Olguin and the young John Tuttle. They talk comedy, of course. Both Willy and "Tuttle" try and persuade Dave to give comedy a try. "Tuttle" reads porn bios for laughs. Tune in for all the fun!

Just Guy Talk: “Smoking Hot MILF” - Raven Hart

March 29th, 2017

Smoking hot MILF Raven Hart is the guest tonight. Though new to the industry she's not lacking in experience. Join us as we talk about porn, domination,her personal playroom and more!

Just Guy Talk: “Blonde, Busty and Bubbly” Sarah Jessie

March 17th, 2017

Guest, Sarah Jessie talks killer blowjobs, plays "fuck, marry, kill", answers fan questions and makes us giggle all night long. Tune in for this fun interview. You'll enjoy it just as much as I did!

Tha Davedog Experiment #42 - Lucky Man

March 3rd, 2017

On this episode Dave reflects on his family and how lucky he is to have a beautiful wife that takes care of him and his four boys. She keeps them in check. He also shares how his boys are becoming men that he's proud of. Enjoy. It's a really good listen!

Just Guy Talk: “The Real Girl Next Door” - Alison Rey

February 22nd, 2017

This episode Dave's guest adult star Alison Rey is the real "girl next door".  Tune in as they discuss her educational path, the evolution of female talent's looks and her onscreen career. A highly intelligent, natural beauty with sexy curves, makes Alison a force to be reckoned with. Check her out now!


Just Guy Talk: “Sexy Latina” Selena Santana

February 15th, 2017

Tonight I'm joined by sexy latina, Selena Santana. Blessed with a bubbly personality and dangerous curves, this one of a kind young lady discusses her early years, path into the adult industry, acting and modeling. We laughed through the entire episode. Join us and enjoy!

Just Guy Talk: “Barely Legal to Street Legal” - Jillian Janson

February 8th, 2017

Entering the adult business at the age of 18 and truly "barely legal", Jillian Janson is now a seasoned veteran at 21. Tonight we discuss her career, crossing over to mainstream, feature dancing and more. Tune in for the fun!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #36: The Rock Mix

February 2nd, 2017

DJ Tommy does a feel good show with a mix of rock music. Enjoy the episode!

Tha Davedog Experiment #41 - “BIGS” Comics with Creator Brian Chuck

January 30th, 2017

This evening I have the pleasure of hosting a good friend of mine, Brian Chuck. Brian is the creator and mastermind behind BIGS Comic, a new comic book series out now. A huge fan of superheroes and comics from a young age Brian has seen his idea and dream come to life. We discuss the development, writing, illustration and print stages of BIGS comics as well as personal stories from the past and present. Tune in and geek out with us!

Tha Davedog Experiment #40 - Dropping Knowledge!

January 27th, 2017

Dave's back with his first show of 2017 and he's dropping knowledge. Topics include corny dad jokes, positive messages, "Tinderizing" and cradle robbing. Tune in for all the silliness!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #35: Super Sweet Transitions!

January 24th, 2017

Tommy's first show of 2017 with guest cohost David Nunez, covers Trump taking over as president, New Years resolutions, a story on discrimnitaion, Tommy's new favorite radio station, one-hit wonders and Tommy shows off his smooth transitioning skills as he flows from topic to topic. It's a packed show so tune in for the fun!

Tha Davedog Experiment #39:Drunk Diaries “Girls, Girls, Girls!”

December 20th, 2016

THis week DJ Tommy joins Dave to share his "Drunk Diaries" story and ends up sharing not one but two episodes of mishaps invloving alcohol. Tune in for barroom brawls, pink haired dancers and more laughs than you can handle!

Just Guy Talk: Adult Star - Cindy Starfall

December 16th, 2016

Tonight's guest, Vietnamese stunner Cindy Starfall, takes us down her path from Catholic schoolgirl, to a corporate job, webcam girl and then enters the adult entertainment industry as a performer and feature dancer. Tune in as we talk to Cindy about her career, Asian stereotypes and sex tips!

Tha Davedog Experiment #38:Drunk Diaries “Can I Borrow Your Satellite?”

December 15th, 2016

Dave's guest is fellow podcaster, Larry Roberts from "Accidentally the Whole Tip." Larry shares his drunk story about the time he went to the extreme in order to not miss a UFC event on satellite television. He enjoys some booze, gets to watch his UFC event and snags a place to stay. And when the time comes to pay, he passes out or does he. They also talk podcasting and UFC. Enjoy the show

Just Guy Talk: Adult Star - Briana Banks

December 1st, 2016

Tonight's guest, adult star, Briana Banks talks anal sex, her career, the comeback, being labeled a "MILF" and gives thanks to her fans. It was a great conversation. Enjoy the episode!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #34: Thanksgiving 2016

November 27th, 2016

Tommy revisits the Thanksgiving theme witn guest host Tha Davedog. They discuss Pilgrims vs Indians, ending racism and Tommy's classic Thanksgiving Story. Tune in and enjoy!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #33: Master Debaters

November 22nd, 2016

DJ Tommy welcomes Lain back from his DWI hiatus. Together they discuss Trump's win, the DWI, father daughter talks and Dallas landmarks. Mix in some rock music and you have one heck of a show!. Give it a listen.

Beans and Crackers Podcast: #16 - The Donald Trump Interview

November 14th, 2016

Aleks and The Victoria host President-Elect Donald Trump in the Beans and Crackers Studio. Shortly after winning the presidential election Mr Trump is making the interview rounds and makes a quick stop with Aleks and The Victoria. Tune in for all the details!

Aleks WithaK as "Aleks"

The Victoria as "The Victoria"

And introducing,

Beto Armenta as "President-Elect Donald Trump"

Tha Davedog Experiment #37: Drunk Diaries - Dave Gets Lit… Literally!

November 11th, 2016

Tha Davedog's back aftera two month layoff. This time he's starting a series of stories called the "Drunk Diaries". Dave chats with friends, family, people he knows and even listeners. anyone who wants to share their best/worst drunk story where they end up in jail, the hospital, hooking up or in deep trouble. Tune in for the fun!

Just Guy Talk: Adult Star - Bobbi Dylan

October 20th, 2016

Tonight's guest is adult performer Bobbi Dylan. She tells us how she started in porn, Olympic sex, swinger parents and more. Tune in!

Tha Davedog Experiment: #36: “Old People Don’t Give a F@ck!”

September 9th, 2016

Dave talks about the 90 year old man arrested for soliciting a prostitute and how old people just don't give a fuck. Should they? Tune in for the laughs!

The Che Rules: EP #11 - Anxious and Angry

September 5th, 2016

Che talks about depression, anxiety and why he's been gone for so long!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #32: Welcome to the Rock Show!

August 17th, 2016

Tommy quickly hits on his annual reminder of "bandwagon fans". Then after his recent run in with thieves he let's us into his world by showing us how he uses rock music as therapy. Listen at a high volume to get the full effect. Rock on!

Why Would U Say That? - Prance To The Future

August 17th, 2016

In this episode me and Ruben reminisce about my hospitalization, so it starts out on a happy note!  We talk about leaving the state for an open mic and how much we feared for our lives and how much we regret going.  Ruben and I discuss the horrors of open mics, from opening for a screaming Batman voice band and a lethargic audience.  The topic of dick hats come up, yea I thought it was weird too.  We also talk about celebrity deaths and how Nick Cannon challenged Eminem to a rap battle and how that will turn out. My favorite topics were the pig human hybrid and when we talked about the Space Port we have in midland and how ridiculous that is.  

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The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #31: Perseverance Part Too!

August 10th, 2016

Thieves Suck! Tommy makes the best of another bad situation. In the process, he gets a new toy and shares it with his listeners. Did he mention, thieves suck?! Tune in!

Why Would U Say That? - Competitive Sadness

August 9th, 2016

In this episode we talk about Trans Bathrooms… Toilets in Disguise! I tell some stories about passing out. 3 stories about passing out but one of them is recent.  After that we ridicule Dominoes theater, yes its as dumb as it sounds! We also talk about a very important matter called Tipping! Don’t be a piece of crap and tip! Then we discuss possible solutions for people that don’t tip. We talk about the movie The Big Short and how interesting it was… spoilers! Then we go on a rant about our mutual hate for fast food and middle class fast food joints like Chilis and Olive Garden.  After that we fall down a youtube competitive eating hole that we don’t come out of. It gets weird. Don’t forget to support the podcast by picking up a shirt at

Why Would U Say That? - Mental Health Awareness Month

August 9th, 2016

In this episode we sit down with Michelle Serano and talk mental health.  May is Mental Health Awareness so Michelle talks about her journey with Bornderline Personality Disorder.  It’s a very interesting story so sit back and listen to Michelles story. 

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You can read more about michelle at her blog 

Tha Davedog Experiment: #35 - “Blocked!”

August 9th, 2016

Dave talks about his teenage son blocking him on social and how he felt about it. Ultimately Dave realizes you have to give kids there space, privacy and allow them to grow up even if you're not ready for it. Tune in!

The DJ Tommy Cruz Program #30: Perseverance!

August 1st, 2016

Tommy helps a friend out on this episode. He tells a true story of an event and how friends stick together and persevere in the end. Now he's looking for a Forensics team! Tune in as he explains.

Why Would U Say That? - Hymnal 27

August 1st, 2016

This special episode Me, Ruben and Gus sit down and talk about the eventful last 2 weeks.  We air some grievances and talk about the weirdness that went on. We were all around doing comedy and we got ourselves into a few situations and we talk about it. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and this podcast gets really weird and it’s a lot of fun! 

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